Dr. Jerry and Lynn Jones possess a combination of biblical, academic, and practical qualifications.

Jerry’s education includes two master’s degrees and a doctorate of theology.  His ministry includes 17 years of university teaching and 45 years of preaching in 43 states and five continents.  He has also authored 12 books.  Jerry’s 35-year marriage ended in 1994 with the death of his wife after a five-year battle with cancer.  Her death prompted his latest book, Beyond the Storm, which deals with surviving the storms of life.

Lynn holds a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s degree in clinical psychology.  Her professional experience includes clinical practice and seven years of teaching at the university level.  Her 23-year marriage ended in divorce in 1993.  She and Jerry married in 1995 and currently live in St. Louis, Missouri. They now have a blended family of five
adult sons and daughters and several grandchildren.

Since beginning their Marriage Matters series in 1996, Jerry and Lynn have spoken to thousands of people and have presented over 350 conferences in 43 states and two foreign countries.   Jerry and Lynn openly share their insights and experience in this series of vibrant and challenging sessions designed to benefit any individual or relationship.


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